Graduate Symposium

*** Call for Graduate Symposium: Diagrams 2024 ***

Graduate Symposium submission deadline May 31, 2024

The Diagrams conference provides a united forum for all researchers with an interest in the study of diagrams. The conference fosters multi-disciplinarity and allows researchers from areas such as computer science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, history (of science, art, etc.), education research, and more to meet and share their perspectives on the theory and application of diagrams.

The goal of the Diagrams 2024 Graduate Symposium is twofold. Firstly, the Symposium will provide senior graduate students and recent Masters and Doctoral graduates with the opportunity to present their research. Established researchers will provide feedback and comments on each of the presentations. Secondly, the Symposium will provide students with an opportunity to network with each other as future colleagues.

In previous Diagrams Graduate Symposiums, lively and useful discussions have enabled students to receive suggestions about their on-going research and allowed more experienced participants to hear some fresh ideas and view some of the new trends in the field.


Submission Requirements

Submissions that focus on any aspect of diagrams research are welcome. Topics of interest are the same as those given in the calls for papers for the three conference tracks:

Students who wish to present their work at the symposium must submit a 3-page report describing

– their thesis topic,
– the approach being taken,
– the work that has been completed,
– the expected contributions of the research
– any necessary acknowledgements (for example, supervision team and source funding.

Students should be the sole author of their submission and the supervisor names should be included in the acknowledgements section.

The report must be submitted in Springer LNCS format.

Graduate Symposium submission deadline May 31, 2024


Supervisor Support

Students who submit to the graduate symposium must ask their main or lead supervisor to submit a short supporting statement, by email to Leonie Bosveld, l.m.bosveld [at]

The supporting statement should confirm that the supervisor supports the student’s participation in the symposium and briefly explain why the student will benefit.

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their supervisor submits the supporting statement.


Participation Support Costs

Participants may request fundings. The following are the eligibility requirements:

  1. Student needs to be studying at a US institution
  2. Student needs to actively participate in the grad symposium (e.g. they can give a talk during the main conference, but they would still have to attend the grad symposium event and participate in any mentoring)


Track Chair
Leonie Bosveld-De Smet, University of Groningen

Programm Committee
Amirouche Moktefi, Tallinn University of Technology
Cathy Legg, Deakin University
Lorenz Demey, KU Leuven
Tuomo Hiippala, University of Helsinki
John Bateman, University of Bremen